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Astronomy Calculations:
Angle Conversions

With this tool you can do Angle Conversions.

It start to calculate as soon you change or write new figures in the dark red boxes. Do not exceed the maximum number of characters, delete characters if necessary.


From degrees : minutes : seconds to decimal degree and radians

: : = Calculated results
0 to 360 degree   0 to 60 minutes   0 to 60.000 seconds   decimal degree
= Calculated results

From decimal degrees to degrees : minutes : seconds and radians

= 00: 00: 00.000
0 to 360.000 degree deg:mm:ss
= Calculated results

From radians to degrees

= 00: 00: 00.000
0 to 6.28318 radians deg:mm:ss
= Calculated results
  decimal degree

There is some strange rounding errors, under progress!

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