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Astronomy Calculations


Angle Conversions

With this tool you can do Angle Conversions, from degrees to radians or the other way.

  • Not familiar with radians ?

    More to read about radians:
    Radian, Wiki

Convert degree/hour to arcsec/sec.


Type in your data

It start to calculate as soon you change or write new figures in the white or dark red boxes. Do not exceed the maximum number of characters, delete characters if necessary.

You use the information on your own risk! There can always be a mistake in my equations behind the calculations, check that the result is correct. Let me know if you find something wrong and I try to correct it. Some calculations are very simple done and not correct in the small details.

From degrees : arc minutes : arc seconds to decimal degree and radians

: : = Calculated results
0 to 360 o   0 to 60 '   0.000 to 60.000 "   decimal degree
= Calculated results

From radians to degrees

= 00: 00: 00.000
0.000 to 6.28318 radians o : ' : "
= Calculated results
  decimal degree

There is some strange rounding errors, during progress!

From decimal degrees to h/degrees : arc minutes : arc seconds and radians

= 00: 00: 00.000
0.000 to 360.000 degree o : ' : "
RA = 00: 00: 00.000
h : ' : "
= Calculated results

This can be used when transforming CdC (Skychart) information about moving objects relative speed like comets and asteroids. From degree/hours to decimal arcsec/hour or arcsec/sec which can be input in EQMOD or similar to let the mount follow these relative moving objects. If the mount move in wrong direction, just change the sign of the input.
Note: -12' 3.4" should be input as -12', -3.4". dRA=Sidereal

dRA degree/hour to decimal dRA arcsec/hour and dRA arcsec/sec

: : = Calculated results
+/-0 to 360 o   +/-0 to 60 '   +/-0.000 to 60.000 " arcsec/hour
decimal dRA arcsec/sec: This is normally the dRA input data = Calculated results
Objects declination If already included in input data, set to 0 degree = Calculated results
+/-0 to 90 o , a practical limit is more like +/- 80 degree Cos( DEC angle )
Sidereal rate (15.041086856 arcsec/sec) + dRA arcsec/sec/Cos(DEC): = Calculated results

dDEC degree/hour to decimal dDEC arcsec/hour and arcsec/sec

: : = Calculated results
+/-0 to 360 o   +/-0 to 60 '   +/-0.000 to 60.000 " arcsec/hour
decimal dDEC arcsec/sec: This is normally the dDEC input data = Calculated results
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