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Open Cluster
Messier 45, Pleiades

M45 open cluster 16 august 2016 (click on the image to get a full resolution photo i a new window)
Coordinates/Direction : RA: 03h47m, DEC: +24o07'
Object size : 110'
Object magnitude : 1.6
Object : M45
Date : 2016-08-26
Time (UT) : 22:30 to 23:14
Mount : Star Adventurer
Guide : -
Lens/telescope : Sigma APO 150mm f2.8 (set to f4.0)
Corrector/Barlow : -
Filter : none
camera : Canon 6D, controlled by intervallometer
Film/CCD : Raw
Exp. time : 19x130 seconds, iso1600 (the exif data say 129 sec but it should only had been 60 sec)
Image process tool : Fitswork
Processing : crop, level, cal in camera dark/bias subtracted
Weather : clear
Site : Sweden, Stockholm
Comment : M45 is an open clusters, small islands of stars. This one also have a blue nebulosity.
The reason that I took this photo was to do a test of my new light portable mount, a Star Adventurer. One difficulty is to aim the RA axis for the polarstar. I didn't expected much from this photo. 150mm is a long focal length in this case but it worked pretty well. Take a look of the full resolution photo and look at the stars, they are almost round, not elongated as I espected.
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