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Observatory Saltsjöbaden and its astrograph

A visit to Saltsjöbaden's Astrograph

  1. Introduction
  2. The excursion to Saltsjöbaden
  3. Historical background
  4. What is an astrograph?
  5. Optical performance
  6. Finder telescope
  7. Tracking and motor operation
  8. Object tracking, finder telescope
  9. The elevator
  10. The Dome
  11. Glass plates (film)
  12. What research was done with this astrograph?
  13. Who has worked on this astrograph?
  14. How it ended?

6: Finder telescope

On the astrograph is also mounted a finder telescope, also this one of refractor construction with a focal length of 2000 mm. Lens diameter is more manageable 200 mm. More on this finder telescope function later.

This astrograph is old and was taken out of service during the latter part of the 1950s. I thought here was no active astronomer today who can tell me how all the parts of the work was done at this astrograph. What if I could have interviewed someone who had worked at that astrograph. Imagine my surprise when I came in contact with the now retired astronomer Kerstin Lodén, she has written down a lot of information to this article about how it was to work with the astrograph in that time.

Here initiates Kerstin Lodén by talking about herself as an astronomer:

"I am an associate professor of astronomy, but began early as student at the observatory in Saltsjöbaden. It was in mainly when I worked with the astrograph. Later I became what was then called amanuensis in 1957. During this time I was spent also two years at the sun observatory in Anacapri (predecessor to La Palma Station). After this I was left in Saltsjöbaden to 1993 with a break for stays in South Africa and the United States."

In the following paragraphs of tracking and glass plates are some parts more generally described. My understanding is however, that in some parts it should be in pretty good overview how it was to use this particular astrograph also, Kerstin supplements with information.

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