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Chrysler Crossfire

This is one information page of my collection of what I have repaired on my Crossfire.

You should not do any repair on your car if you don't have enough experience and knowledge! You use this information at your own risk! Don't blame me if something goes wrong.


Crossfire headlights are unique and not shared with Mercedes.

Chrysler Crossfire, Headlights


There are tricks to repair your headlight plastic cover without replace them.

1, Foggy headlight:

Foggy headlight, it's very common with nowadays plastic headlights that they after some years become foggy. It's the sunlight's UV radiation that do this. It's very expensive to replace them, only the material cost about 600 Euro on each side, and you have to take apart the front of the car to do it. After done some Google search I found an easy way to repair them.

Here are three methods, I did the first one:

I took a couple of photos at different step of my restoration of the headlight.

Chrysler Crossfire Headlight foggy

Passenger side already has a replaced headlight so I only have to repair the driver side headlight. Here is how it looked before.

Chrysler Crossfire Headlight foggy

A close up show a lot of small pits and a grey layer over it. It could be much worse, but still I want to do something about it.

Chrysler Crossfire Headlight foggy

After protected the paint of the car I start with the wet sandpaper grid 1000. If it had been worse they suggest to start with the 400 grid. After three minutes it looks like this. All pits and scratches are gone but it's not clear. After that I started with the grid 2000 wet sandpaper.

Chrysler Crossfire Headlight foggy

Here after the grid 2000 sandpaper and finished it with an ordinary car wax polish. It look pretty good. Still need some more polishing. Let us see how long it will last, later I have found that toothpaste is much more efficient.

Old light bulb

If you have an uneven light pattern it doesn't have to be the head light house that cause it. It can be an old light bulb. Look how they look when they get old, big parts of the glass is black and that block the lights.

Chrysler Crossfire Head light foggy

On the right side the headlight has already been replaced, you see the part number here if you need it.

If you ever come to the situation that you need to replace a headlight. It' can be complicated to get the correct headlight.
There are US, Europe LHD, Europe RHD.
There left and right headlights.
Then there are two versions, the new has better sealing and don't get fogged that easy.

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2, Moisture in headlight:

A common problem with Crossfire's headlight is that it can be moisture inside. Here is some is a link on YouTube how to get rid of that problem:

Replacing the bulbs in side markers:

I have now found a very easy fix for this problem temporarily.

Chrysler Crossfire Moisture in headlight

Just take away the rubber cap that protect the light bulb for a day or two and let it ventilate out the moisture.

Put them back after this so you don't get dirt inside the light house. If your lighthouse has cracks or are damaged in someway you should replace them.

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