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Astronomi, علم الفلك, астрономия, astronoomia, tähtitiede, ასტრონომიის, αστρονομία, אַסטרוֹנוֹמִיָה, stjörnufræði, 天文学, 천문학, astronomija, ستاره شناسی, astronomia, астрономия, ดาราศาสตร์, Astronomie, астрономія, csillagászat

You can use Google translator to the left in the menu for these astronomy pages, but you get funny translations sometimes, even more worse than my English translations!


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Observationsplatser i Södra Stockholm (Sweden) Sweden

NEW April 2018 !


Tips på platser i södra Stockholm där du har mörker och plats att stå på.

Observationsplatser i Stocknolm, Sweden

Interesting object to see from Sweden

NEW April 2018 !

Star Charts over the sky
Starcharts seen from Sweden

Astronomy Science data

Astronomy Science data

Compare your own images with science data

POSS-I data, Andromeda galaxy

Astronomy Dictionary

Astronomy Dictionary
Astronomy Dictionary

Astronomy Excel calculations

Astronomy Calculations
Astronomy Calculations

Looking for retailers, parts or information? Here is my list of astronomy related links that I have collected over the years.

Astronomy related links
Astronomy related links

Telescope adapters and threads table

adapters and threads
Pentax M42 to 1.252 ocular adapter

My very early astronomy photos

My Astronomy photos
Comet Hyakutake

Meteorite craters / impacts

Meteorite craters

New, updated with better maps over Sweden.

Observatory sites that I have visited

Observatory sites

My own astronomy projects DIY

Astronomy projects
adapter building for flatfield and off axis adapter

My tutorials

Pentax 6x7 165mm 2.8

My astronomy equipment

Canon EOS 5D

Astronomy related articles

Astronomy related articles

Astronomi historier.Sweden

Stories from amateur astronomers.

Stories from amateur astronomers
Astronomy stories

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