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Chrysler Crossfire
Heated seats repair

This is one information page of my collection of what I have repaired on my Crossfire.

You should not do any repair on your car if you don't have enough experience and knowledge! You use this information at your own risk! Don't blame me if something goes wrong.


If you have a Mercedes SLK R170 with a 320 engine it's almost exact the same.

You have to work with the electric parts when doing a repair of the heated seats. Disconnect the battery, the negative terminal ! When disconnecting the battery the alarm and radio will be reset, be sure to have any codes that's needed!

Chrysler Crossfire, heated seats repair

1, Investigating the broken heater in the seats:

Chrysler Crossfire: Heated seats repair

The heater in the seats was broken already when I bought the car. A very common problem.

Chrysler Crossfire: Heated seats repair

In most cases it's caused by too heavy load on the seat's front part. That's when you set your knee on it to reach into the car from outside. That stretches the heating wires and they snap off.

The heat of the backrest works and I don't think it breaks normally.

Chrysler Crossfire: Heated seats repair

If you want to remove the seats it's not very complicated. There are four bolts that hold it in place and an electric wire. Move the seat backwards and you see the bolts. This is the left bolt.

Chrysler Crossfire: Heated seats repair

And this is the right bolt, it has a special screw head, the E-head. When the two front screws are away, move the seat to the front position and loosen the two back end bolts. When finished move the seat backwards again.

Before you do anything more, disconnect the battery. There are power cables under the seat.

To take apart the seat to reach the electric heater rest is complicated and time consuming, see the video below which give a good tutorial how to do it.

This isn't a big problem for me because I don't use the car in the winter. But it could be nice to have it working. The only thing I have done yet is to search for information how to repair it. I found one very instructive video how to fix it.

Information about heated seats that I have found:

After had looked at this video I understand that it's a very big job to fix this. I stop here, now I at least know how to do it.

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