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3D CAD drawing:
Compass Mount


  1. CAD compass mount

I take no responsibility or liability for what are written here, you use the information at your own risk!

1, CAD compass mount:


One thing I left from my father is an old compass. He used it on his mahogany cruiser Monalisa during the 1960s. But I miss the mount to it.

Silva boat compass:

3D CAD: Compass mount

I still have the box to the compass. I think my father bought it 1965. It's a Swedish Silva no 33.

3D CAD: Compass mount

The compass is very nice looking and I want to have it in the book shelf as a memory of the boat and my father.

3D CAD: Compass mount

What I missing is the foot or the mount. That mount was still mounted in the boat when it was sold 1973. Over thirty years I have thought over how to make a mount to the compass, maybe it's time do it now when I have a 3D-printer.

The boat was a Victor Israelsson designed mahogany cruiser, built 1914 maybe. I have done some investigating about the boat and you can read about it here: mahogany cruiser Monalisa.

Making of drawing to the compass mount:

3D CAD: Compass mount

I started with to rectangles of different sizes, separated 20 mm along the Z-axis.

Using the additive loft tool:

3D CAD: Compass mount

To do this box with tilted walls I use a new tool, the Additive loft. It fills the area between the two rectangles. At the bottom I padded a 5 mm base with straight walls.

3D CAD: Compass mount

Making these two elongated holes to hold the compass. Use the Pocket tool with set to Through all.

3D CAD: Compass mount

I also tried to apply some text to the side wall of the foot, but it is in wrong angle to let it be made. From the backside I have made a 23 mm deep pocket.

3D CAD: Compass mount

Cura slicer set to 1.5 mm thick walls, 30% infill and a brim. Takes 4+ hours.

3D CAD: Compass mount

I 3D-print it up side down to not to have add support.

3D CAD: Compass mount

Out from the 3D-printer. All holes are there, surface is smooth.

3D CAD: Compass mount

The pocket seen from the backside, it's 23 mm deep and the total height is 25 mm, leave 2 mm thickness to the top platform.

3D CAD: Compass mount

Insert the compass in the mounting holes and slide it in locked position. It fitted directly, no adjustment had to be done.

3D CAD: Compass mount

The compass installed on the mount. At last, it just took 30 years to do it.

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