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Adapters and Threads

Inspired by a thread in the IceInSpace forum I have done this table as an overview of different adapters and their threads.

It could be a pain to find the correct adapters with correct threads when you need to connect different accessories to your telescope and camera.

This is what I have came in contact with, but be aware that it's not so easy to find out what kind of thread it has, it could have been some mistake in the table. Double check!.

Here are a closely related table that I have found on Wikipedia:

  • wiki/Lens_mount
    (Lens mounts, Wikipedia)
  • If you find something wrong, let me know: Contact

    Description Threads size
    telescope side
    Thread size
    camera side

    Pentax to 1.25"

    M42x1.0 F


    ocular adapter

    Riccardi 2.5" 0.75x Field Flattener

    M63x1.0 F

    M63x1.0 F

    with 0.75x reducer

    Riccardi adapter

    M63x1.0 M
    M68x1.0 M

    M48x1.0 M

    connects to 3" focuser with a reducer

    Thread reducer

    M92x1.0 M

    M63x1.0 F

    reducer to focuser

    Meade, Altair, TS, Orion 3" 1x Field Flattener

    M92x1.0 M

    M80x1.0 M

    fits direct to some 3" focusers

    T2 adapter

    M42x0.75 F

    camera dependent

    camera adapter

    Pentax M42 thread


    M42x1.0 F

    Pentax standard

    M48 adapter

    M48x0.75 F

    camera dependent

    camera adapter

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