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Astronomy Science Data


  1. Overview

Sometimes I have very boring times, clouds almost every nights, and even if I have a clear sky I'm living near a city and have a very light polluted sky.

I spend a lot of time to solve technical problems and develop details on my astronomy imaging system, but the outcome in an astronomical aspect is very poor.

Can I do something else then taking my own astroimages?
I can of course rent telescope time on some remote telescope. But why don't get even more deeper into it? Use professional data! Have you ever thought about how our famous objects will look in really big telescopes? Here I start with some examples how it could be done. Later maybe I can use it for some easy science research, who knows?

List of data archives:

Here follow a couple of examples of what I have done so far:

POSS data

In order to learn how to use these databases, I first test with Messier objects. The POSS data is relative simple to use. The data / or raw images are stored as normal Fits files.

Messier 31, Andromeda Galaxy
Image from POSS-I plates
credits STScI
Image processing by Lars Karlsson

Kepler data

The Kepler satellite maybe you know about, that's the satellite that found those exiting exoplanets and still do. But from the data in this archive it could be done much more.

Kepler data
Image from Kepler data
credits STScI
Image processing by Lars Karlsson

Swift data

The Swift Observatory is an observatory used to do research on gamma ray burst, GRB.

Swift data, M51 galaxy
Image from Swift data
credits STScI
Image processing by Lars Karlsson

Gaia data

The Gaia Observatory is an observatory used to do astrometry. It also contains data about comet orbits, exoplanets, galaxies, quasars etc.

Gaia data on Excel

More will come later when I have learned how to handle the data.

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