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Chrysler Crossfire
Alternator replacement

This is one information page of my collection of what I have repaired on my Crossfire.

You should not do any repair on your car if you don't have enough experience and knowledge! You use this information at your own risk! Don't blame me if something goes wrong.


If you have a Mercedes SLK R170 with a 320 engine and not AMG version it's almost exact the same.

My car is not the SRT6 version, that one has another alternator, it's the pulley that's different and maybe something else.

You have to work with the electric parts when doing a replacement of the alternator. Disconnect the battery, the negative terminal ! When disconnecting the battery the alarm and radio will be reset, be sure to have any codes that's needed!

Chrysler Crossfire, 2005 battery alarm light

3, Old and new alternator compare:

A few days after I ordered the new alternator it arrived. Before I took the car to the workshop I inspect the new alternator if it was of the correct model. Already when I ordered it I get to know that it is a 120 Amp alternator. You find it on many Mercedes models of earlier years.

Chrysler Crossfire, alternator replacement

The old alternator.

Chrysler Crossfire, alternator replacement

The new alternator, clockwise rotation, looks the same.

Chrysler Crossfire, alternator replacement

The new alternator seen from side, same 6 groove belt pulley.

Chrysler Crossfire, alternator replacement

Backside of the old alternator.

Chrysler Crossfire, alternator replacement

The new alternator has one extra terminal, you don't use that and I'm think it's the ground terminal. The thick right down bolt is the battery terminal, B1+ . To the left is the socket for the field connection.

Chrysler Crossfire, alternator replacement

First when I looked at the alternators I felt there was different dimension at one place. When I checked they both had 56 mm.

Chrysler Crossfire, alternator replacement

Then everything looks ok, time to call the workshop to have it installed!

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