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Chrysler Crossfire
Alternator replacement

This is one information page of my collection of what I have repaired on my Crossfire.

You should not do any repair on your car if you don't have enough experience and knowledge! You use this information at your own risk! Don't blame me if something goes wrong.


If you have a Mercedes SLK R170 with a 320 engine and not AMG version it's almost exact the same.

My car is not the SRT6 version, that one has another alternator, it's the pulley that's different and maybe something else.

You have to work with the electric parts when doing a replacement of the alternator. Disconnect the battery, the negative terminal ! When disconnecting the battery the alarm and radio will be reset, be sure to have any codes that's needed!

Chrysler Crossfire, 2005 battery alarm light

4, New alternator installed and tested:

I left my car at the workshop and pick it up the day after.

Chrysler Crossfire, alternator replacement

The new alternator installed and looking good.

Chrysler Crossfire, alternator replacement

When cranking up the engine the red battery alarm was gone.

Chrysler Crossfire, alternator replacement

And last a voltage check, normal voltages are about from 14.2 to 14.4 volts when car running at idle or 1500 rpm and no excessive electric load. I read 14.5 volts, it's a cold day and then the regulator puts in some extra 0.1 volt. If it reach more then 14.6 volts for longer time, then it's something wrong. Leave the car to a workshop.

As I wrote in the beginning, this was a risk that I took to just order a new alternator before checking everything that could have been wrong. Cables that are loose, bad ground connection etc. But I did a visual check of that.

If you want to go deeper into it maybe these links I found could be useful:

Does it sound complicated? Then leave the car to the workshop, don't risk to destroy your car.

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