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NGC 4111 and cluster of galaxies

Object : NGC 4111
Coordinates/Direction : RA: 12h07m, DEC: +43o03'
Object size : 4.6' x 1.0'
Object magnitude : 10.7
More to know : Wikipedia: wiki/ NGC 4111

NGC 4111 galaxy and neighbours 2020-01-22

NGC 4111 galaxy and neighbours, 2010 (click on the image to get a full resolution photo in a new window)
Date : 2020-01-22
Time (UT) : 23:01 to 00:42
Mount : SkyWatcher EQ6 Pro, beltdrive modified (DIY 2019)
Guide : QHY5 camera with off-axis
Lens/telescope : TS130 APO f/7 910mm, 3" focuser
Corrector/Barlow : 3" field flatter, x1. T48 connector to camera
Field (FOV) : 2.25 x 1.5o (full frame) before crop
camera : Canon 6D, QE=0.5, full frame, 20 Mpixel, 14 bit
camera temperature: About 6o C above surrounding temperature
Film/CCD : Raw, Cr2
Filter : none
Control system : Mount by EQMOD, camera by APT, guide by PHD2, focuser by USB-focus, ASCOM Windows PC
Exp. time : 44x120 seconds, iso1600, dithering mode
Image process tool : AstroImageJ, Fitswork, Irfanview
Processing : resize, level, cal dark & bias with dithering technique, flat cal, noise filter
Weather : clear
Site : Sweden, Stockholm, Hagsätra. Bortle 9
Free view Az: 20o-90o, 165o-185o, La: 20o-55o
Comment : The galaxy NGC 4111 is one of many members of this galaxy group. Click on the image and get a new image in full resolution, how many galaxies can you find ? The soft weak rings you see is a rest of dust blobs I have removed during the image processing.

NGC 4111 galaxy and neighbours 2020-01-22, plate solved

NGC 4111 galaxy and neighbours, plate solved (click on the image to get a full resolution photo in a new window)
Date : 2020-01-22
Comment : One way to get to know which objects there are in the image is to use a plate solver. I used to get this image with information. If you look carefully in the full resolution image you will find more galaxies.
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