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Double Star
Cor Caroli

Object : Cor Caroli, binary double star
Coordinates/Direction : RA: 12h56m, DEC: +38o19' and RA: 12h56m, DEC: +38o56'
Object size : Double star separation 19.6"
Object magnitude : Primary 5.6, Secondary 2.84 to 2.98
More to know : Double Star, Wikipedia: wiki/ Double star

Cor Caroli: wiki/ Cor Caroli

Cor Caroli 2023-03-15:

Cor Caroli binary star, 2023 (Click on the image to get one in full resolution in a new window)
Date : 2023-03-15
Time (UT) : 19:45 to 20:38
Mount : SkyWatcher EQ6 Pro, beltdrive modified (DIY 2019)
Guide : QHY5 camera with 200 mm f/3.5 lens
Lens/telescope : Pentax 645 300 mm ED f/4 (medium format lens)
Corrector/Barlow : -
Field (FOV) : 6.8x4.5o (full frame) before crop
camera : Canon 6D, QE=0.5, full frame, 20 Mpixel, 14 bit
camera temperature: About 6o C above surrounding temperature
Film/CCD : Raw, Cr2
Filter : none
Control system: Mount, camera, focus, guide (Ekos) controlled by Astroberry (KStars/Ekos Linux)
Exp. time : 60x30 seconds, iso1600, dithering mode
Image process tool : Siril, Gimp, Irfanview
Processing : flat calibration, no darks, synthetic bias, photometric color calibration
Weather : clear sky, temperature 0 C
Site : Sweden, Stockholm, Hagsätra. Bortle 9
Free view Az: 20o-90o, 165o-185o, La: 20o-55o
Comment : I tried to find something more exiting on the sky and found this binary star Cor Caroli. Even if it looks like the sky is almost empty on the image above there are a lot of objects. See the full resolution image and zoom in. Can you recognize any object ?


Cor Caroli, binary star, 2023
Date : 2023-03-15
Time (UT) : 19:45 to 20:38
Site : Sweden, Stockholm, Hagsätra. Bortle class 9
Comment : Crop around the binary star, but they are melted together because of the long exposure get them saturated.

Plate solved, crop:

Cor Caroli, binary star, 2023
Date : 2023-03-15
Time (UT) : 19:45 to 20:38
Site : Sweden, Stockholm, Hagsätra. Bortle class 9
Comment : In the lower left corner there are galaxies. NGC 5005 and NGC 5033 are connected to each other weakly, they have the magnitude 10, about. The NGC 5005 have a distance of 65 million light years, our galaxy is 100'000 light years wide so it's far away outside our galaxy Milky Way. The NGC 5033 is a Seyfert galaxy, it has an active nucleus.

Even if it's only a small corner of the full image there are more galaxies to be find here, NGC 5002 and NGC 5014. All four are spiral galaxies. There are many more objects in the image, look at this full field image plate solved by Astrometry: Cor Caroli plate solved. It opens in a new window.

And all these exiting objects I found from a very light polluted balcony and a very small telescope.
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