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My astronomy project:
Design a Newton telescope

I stumbled into this when I found the great Newton design tool:

  • tm/newt-web/ newt-web.html
    (Newton telescope Web design tool by Kenneth H. Slater, math and physics by Dale Keller)
  • With this tool you can very easy find what demand you should have of the components of a Newton telescope.

    I have never done this before so it's a trail and error process. And I don't think I ever will built a telescope from scratch, just more to collect information and knowledge what to look after when buying a telescope.

    Don't build a telescope after my ideas before you know by yourself that it will work. Otherwise you will waste a lot of time and money!

    My first attempt to design a Newton telescope.

    Project: 12" f/4 Newton

    Here you also find instructions how to use Newt-Web.

    Newton telescope design by Newt-Web

    Here I try to help a friend to find the basic construction of a very big visual Newton telescope.

    Project: 24" f/2.75 Newton
    Design tool Newt Web 

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