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My astronomy project:
Sigma 150mm f2.8 to use on Star Adventurer mount


  1. Introduction, why use this lens? * (You are here!)
  2. Vignetting test
  3. Sharpness in corners with star test
  4. Canon 6D and Sigma 150mm f2.8 mounted on Star Adventurer
  5. Photo on M31 and M45

1: Introduction, why use this lens?

Lately I bought a used transportable mount, the Star Adventurer, it was broken but after two weeks of work it's repaired. Now I need some high quality lenses to it. I can't have my 5" 680mm APO refractor, it's too far heavy for this lightweight mount.

Among all things I collected under all years I have a Sigma APO 150mm f2.8. I liked it very much and used it to ordinary photo, I feel this lens is of high quality. But will it work for astronomy photography?

Is it sharp enough? Not too heavy? I have a full frame Canon EOS 6D DSLR camera to it, will that give me vignetting problem? Here I have done a very simple test of the vignetting of the lens. It's taken as jpg photos so it's not linear but will give some ideas about how it vignettes. I also did a simple test if corners are sharp enough.

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