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Dynamics, many short or few long exposures ?


  1. Introduction dynamics
  2. Dynamic weak part of a object
  3. Dynamic high signal strength
  4. Line graphs and histogram
  5. Long exposure low gain vs Short exposure high gain

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3, Dynamic high signal strength:

The example on page 2 was when you want get the weak signal visible, but how about the strong signals we get from stars or a galaxy core? Same photos as before, but now I have raised the high clipping point to the value when the image with short exposures clip. And I have also set the color saturation to a very high level.

Astrophotograph's dynamics

Astrophotograph's dynamics

If you don't recognize the object, it's Pleiades, Messier 45.

The last one has more of the color information undisturbed from clipping effects. One problem is of course how to process the image to both preserve the weak signal and the strong signals. The effect of bad tracking is also less in the second photo because of the shorter exposure time.

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