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NGC 2023

Object : NGC 2023
Coordinates/Direction : RA: 05h41m, DEC: -02o15'
Object size : 10'
Object magnitude : -
More to know : Simbad: wiki/ NGC 2023

NGC 2023 Reflection Nebula 2022-12-23

NGC 2023 Nebula, 2022
Date : 2022-12-23
Time (UT) : 21:31 to 22:12
Mount : SkyWatcher HEQ5, belt modified, low rider
Guide : QHY5 camera with 200 mm f/3.5 lens
Lens/telescope : Pentax 645 300 mm ED f/4 (medium format lens)
Corrector/Barlow : -
Field (FOV) : 6.8x4.5o (full frame) before crop
camera : Canon 6D, QE=0.5, full frame, 20 Mpixel, 14 bit
camera temperature: About 6o C above surrounding temperature
Film/CCD : Raw, Cr2
Filter : none
Control system: Mount, camera, focus, guide (Ekos) controlled by Astroberry (KStars/Ekos Linux)
Exp. time : 44x30 seconds, iso1600, dithering mode
Image process tool : Siril, Gimp, Irfanview
Processing : Calibrated dark, flat and increase the contrast
Weather : clear
Site : Sweden, Stockholm, Hagsätra. Bortle 9
Free view Az: 20o-90o, 165o-185o, La: 20o-55o
Comment : Maybe you have seen the beautiful Horse head nebula in some astronomy book. I have never taken any photo of the object before so this is the first time. When looking in the star chart that control the telescope it wasn't there. I aimed for a nearby nebula instead, NGC 2023. It's a very bright reflection nebula. This photo I took from our balcony and I wasn't sure if it was possible to see that weak nebula with all light pollution we have here. This is what I got, little bit confusing and what is nebulas and what is light pollution. The three bright stars is the belt in the Orion constellation.

Crop around the central area

NGC 2023 Nebula, 2022 (Place the cursor over the image to get info)
Date : 2022-12-23
Time (UT) : 21:31 to 22:12
Comment : A crop at the center of the photo make it easier to find the objects. The Horse Head nebula is on the limit to be detected. Hold the mouse over the image and text appear that explain what is what. There are a lot of other interesting objects and what looks like stars are nebulas. Next time I try this I must be at a dark place. Now I could only use short exposure times, I have to increase it to two or four minutes. There is a lot of H-Alpha emission in the area around M42, my camera isn't made for that 565 nm radiation because it's on the limit to what our eye can detect. But you see it as a weak red radiation.
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