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My Astrophotography
Wide field, Constellations etc

Wide field photography of the sky is very easy to do. You only need a DSLR camera and a wide angle lens. No need of a motor driven mount, only a sturdy tripod.

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Wide Field

Milky Way through reant a telecope GRAS    
Milky Way
through GRAS


Constellation Cygnus  
Great Bear, Seven Stars, credit CdC Draco constellation stars, credit CdC  
Big Dipper
Seven Stars
Stars and surroundings


If I had taken those photographs today (2022) I would use the following of my equipment.

Camera Lens / Telescope Reducer / Barlow Mount Comment
Canon 6D Canon 50 mm x1 SkyWatcher Star Adventurer Wide angle
Canon 6D Zenitar 16 mm fisheye x1 SkyWatcher Star Adventurer / Tripod Very wide angle

When a dark night, point your camera wherever direction and you catch an enormous amount of stars. With shorter exposures you can try with only a tripod and stack a lot of photos.

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