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Wide Field
Milky Way

Coordinates/Direction : RA 23 55 00, Dec 61 45 00
Image size : FOV 44.2 by 58.7 arc minute
Object : Milky Way, Stars
Date : 2009-09-28
Time (UT) : 06:48 to 06:58
Mount : Expensive!
Lens/telescope : Takhashi TOA-150, 1100mm f/7.3
Corrector/Barlow : Takahashi?
Field (FOV) : 1.2x0.8 degree, before cropping
Filter : none
camera : FLI 8300, single shot color
Film/CCD : Raw
Exp. time : 1x600 seconds
Image process tool : Owerview .jpg from GRAS
Processing : resize
Weather : clear
Site : USA, New Mexico. Bortle class 1
Comment : Telescope/camera rent online from GRAS 003, Global Rent A Scope (nowadays: Itelescope): From Itelescope you can rent telescope time on telescopes you normally never can afford. There is also a free test.
You don't have to travel to remote places. Sitting in your home and control the telescope, and there are telescopes even i Australia, so you always have a dark site to choose from.

The image will be delivered in raw and with calibration files. And also an overview image like this is emailed to you.
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