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EQ2 mount


  1. EQ2 mount

1: EQ2 mount

I have just got this EQ2 mount, it's very simple and I don't know for the moment what I can use it for. One idea is to have it as a mount to my lately ordered binocular, it's a 25x100mm and could not be handheld.

EQ2 mount

It has slow motion controls.

EQ2 mount

The altitude adjustment go all the way to 90 degrees. Good, because then I can use it as a Altitude-Azumutal mount.

EQ2 mount

The mount plate looks like a standard Vixen tale, but has a smaller dimension. There is also a big center bolt that block.

If it's not strong enough to hold the 4.5 kilogram binocular I had bought I will find an another use of it.

I couldn't find any use of this mount and sold it, need the space, too much stuff here.

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