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Off axis auto guiding on comets


  1. My equipment and software to do off axis guiding on comets
  2. Setup of PHD2 Beta
  3. Setup of CdC (Skychart) Betaversion
  4. Start comet guiding in PHD2
  5. Overview of Astroserver Screen
  6. Test on comet C/2014 W2 Pan-STARRS

I take no responsibility or liability for what are written here, you use the information at your own risk!

5: Overview of Astroserver Screen


Here is an overview of the screen with the software I have running at the Windows astroserver under a comet tracking session.

Tracking on comet

One very interesting aspect off this is, you can guide on very weak moving comets that guide camera and main camera could not see. It works because you lock the guiding to a bright star. You will see the comet afterwards after stacking all the sub images togehter.

More information:

You can find more information on the PHD2 site how to use comet tracking:

Comet Catalina C/2013 US10:

Comet Catalina C/2013 US10, Sweden 2015

This is my first try to guide on a comet with this technique, more information here: Comet Catalina. It didn't work perfect this time but a good first try.

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