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Off axis auto guiding on comets


  1. My equipment and software to do off axis guiding on comets
  2. Setup of PHD2 Beta
  3. Setup of CdC (Skychart) Betaversion
  4. Start comet guiding in PHD2
  5. Overview of Astroserver Screen
  6. Test on comet C/2014 W2 Pan-STARRS

I take no responsibility or liability for what are written here, you use the information at your own risk!

3: Setup of CdC (Skychart) Beta version

Start CdC (Skychart Beta version) up and have it running. You can transfer the needed data from that software. No need to manually write in the comets relative speed into PHD2.

Manage Tool Box:

Skychart setup for comet tracking 1

Under setup you have "manage tool box setup" it's a new (2017) function in CdC.

PHD Guiding interface:

Skychart setup for comet tracking 2

Here you see how I have it setup. What you need is the "PHD Guiding interface". If it's not there, right click on an empty line and choose it.

Comet Guide Rates:

Skychart setup for comet tracking 3

Some simple steps to find the comet guide rates.

  1. Now you will have this tool under some F key, in my case the F3 button.
  2. Push F3 (or your F function key) to get the menu up.
  3. PHD host and port are normally all ready there.
  4. Choose a comet or asteroid you want to track and guide on. When you left click on the object you will get the relative speed data under Lock Shift menu.
  5. Click on the Connect button and CdC will connect to PHD2 and to other equipment that run over ASCOM.
  6. The click on "Set rates" and data will be transferred to PHD2.

dRA and dDEC data that CdC transfer to PHD2:

Skychart, drift data avible 4

How it will look in CdC with the comet drift speed. You must also have the latest orbit data for your comet or asteroid, you can download it in the setup menu "Solar System" of CdC. Note: this relative speed change from night to night when the comet is close to Earth, you have to update it.

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