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My Astrophotography


With this database of my astrophotos I can get an idea how many nights per month/year the sky conditions is good enough at my places for astrophotographing, see the statistics. Each object has one file that contains all of its images from different dates.

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Important equipment changes

Date Equipment Changes Comments
2023 feb EQ6 Synscan mount INDI EQMOD driver working
2021 jan HEQ5 INDI, KStar/Ekos controlled
2021 jan HEQ5 Belt drive modified
2020 nov EQ6 Synscan mount Belt drive modified
2019 dec Pentax 645 300mm ED f/4 lens
2018 jun Canon APO 300mm f/4**
2017 oct TS130 APO refractor 3" field flatter
2016 oct Star Adventurer mount**
2015 aug Canon EOS 6D
2015 jul Sigma APO 150mm f/2.8
2014 nov TS130 APO refractor 2.5" field flatter
2013 nov Pentax 67 165mm f/2.8**
2013 mar EQ6 Synscan mount ASCOM, APT controlled
2012 dec Canon EOS 5D Mk I**
2012 nov Pentax 500mm f/4.5 lens**
2009 mar Zenitar 16mm f/2.8 fish eye
2006 aug EQ 4 mount**
2006 mar Canon 350D**

Sold later

Many of the devices are special built and 3D-printed. You find more information about the equipment here:

Optical data of telescopes and cameras:

Some interesting data about telescope/lens and cameras I use.

Camera Lens / Telescope Reducer/
Field Pixel scale Daves
ZWO ASI6200MM* Ritchey Chretien 10" f/8* 1x 1.03x0.69o 0.39"/pixel 0.46"
Canon 5D Mk I** Newton 10" 1090 mm f/4.3** 0.9x 1.88x1.26o 1.55"/pixel 0.46"
Canon 5D Mk I** TS130, 910 mm f/7 1x 2.25x1.5o 1.86"/pixel 0.89"
Canon 6D TS130, 910 mm f/7 1x 2.25x1.5o 1.48"/pixel 0.89"
Nikon D800* TS130, 910 mm f/7 1x 2.25x1.5o 1.11"/pixel 0.89"
ZWO ASI6200MM* TS130, 910 mm f/7 1x 2.25x1.5o 0.85"/pixel 0.89"
FujiFilm GFX 50 R* TS130, 910 mm f/7 1x 2.76x2.1o 1.20"/pixel 0.89"
Canon 5D Mk I** TS130, 682 mm f/5.2 0.75x 3.0x2.0.o 2.48"/pixel 0.89"
Canon 6D TS130, 682 mm f/5.2 0.75x 3.0x2.0o 1.93"/pixel 0.89"
Canon 5D Mk I** Pentax 500 mm f/4.5** - 4.1x2.7o 3.38"/pixel 1.05"
Canon 6D Pentax 67 400 mm f/4 ED* - 5.1x3.4o 3.37"/pixel 1.16"
Nikon D800* Pentax 67 400 mm f/4 ED* - 5.1x3.4o 2.52"/pixel 1.16"
Canon 6D Pentax 645 300 mm f/4 ED - 6.8x4.5o 4.50"/pixel 1.55"
Canon 6D Canon 300 mm f/4 L** - 6.8x4.5o 4.50"/pixel 1.55"
Nikon D800* Pentax 645 300 mm f/4 ED - 6.8x4.5o 3.36"/pixel 1.55"
ZWO ASI6200MM* Pentax 645 300 mm f/4 ED - 6.8x4.5o 2.59"/pixel 1.55"
FujiFilm GFX 50 R* Pentax 645 300 mm f/4 ED - 8.4x6.3o 3.65"/pixel 1.55"
Canon 6D Pentax 67 165 mm f/2.8** - 12.4x8.3o 8.2"/pixel 1.97"
Canon 6D Sigma APO 150 mm f/2.8 (f/4) - 13.6x9.1o 9"/pixel 3.09"
Canon 350D** Canon 50 mm f/1.8 (f/4) - 24.9x16.8o 26"/pixel 9.28"
Canon 6D Canon 50 mm f/1.8 (f/4) - 39.4x26.8o 27"/pixel 9.28"
Canon 6D Zenitar 14 mm f/2.8 - 180o diagonal 96"/pixel 23.2"

Future plans or dreams.


Daves limit is the theoretical resolution of the telescope/lens. It depends on the diameter of the lens and the wave length. In this case it's calculated for the green wave length. " stands for arc seconds, one degree is 3600". The Moon is 1800" wide, Andromeda galaxy 10'000" wide. The stability of the atmosphere limits the resolution, often called seeing, very good seeing is 2".

Field calculator: Astronomy tools.

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