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My astronomy project:
Repair of Star Adventurer mount (and a look inside)


  1. Overview of the parts and an inside look for broken parts
  2. Adjustment of worm gear and gearbox
  3. Will it work after this repair and adjustment?
  4. Complement with a tripod
  5. Complement with a light weight holder
  6. Polar Align
  7. Travel kit
  8. Dithering ?
  9. Red Dot Finder
  10. Test photo on M31 and M45
  11. Soldering mini USB contact

I take no responsibility or liability for what are written here, you use the information on your own risk!

2: Adjustment of worm gear and gearbox

After disassemble it I start looking after what cause the heavy backslash and if there are some parts that can be adjusted.

Wormgear adjust screw

The adjust hex screw (10:a) for the alignment of worm gear. It was totally out of adjustment.

Adjustment screw

Here I found a second adjustment screw (11:a) for the worm gear. After adjusting this I reduced the backslash to almost nothing in the worm gear.

Gearbox adjustment screw

I found more backslash in the gearbox, and one of the gears was loose. It was possible to tighten the gear to the shaft. And with adjusting (12:a) the position of the motor the backslash was reduced, but not perfect. There is also one more screw to adjust, that one I couldn't reach, I will do it later.

Camera tilt

Even the holder for the camera has a worm gear built in, with the knob (13:a) to the right it's possible to adjust camera angle.

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