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Astronomy Calculations:
Excel sheets

My Excel sheet collection.

This is a new page and I will add more information later how to use it.

I don't take any responsible for this, they can have errors in it! Use them at your own risk!

Astronomical Calculations


Sky Background magnitude:

Sky Light Pollution magnitude calculation

With this you can calculate your background magnitude from a reference star and background signal. The background comes mostly from light pollution, normal places about 19.5 mag / arcsec^2 and perfect places over 21 mag / arcsec^2. It depends also very much if you measure the whole visual band or a filtered narrow band, the red part of the spectrum are normally more influenced by light pollution then shorter wave lengths.

You can take the signal from rgb filtered or narrow band filtered images like H-Alpha as long you have a trusty ref star in that wavelength band. Narrow band images will have very low background signal.

It's not fully tested yet.

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