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Astronomy Calculations:
Excel sheets

My Excel sheet collection.

This is a new page and I will add more information later how to use it.

I don't take any responsible for this, they can have errors in it! Use them at your own risk!

Astronomical Calculations



Over the years I have done a lot of calculations when investigating how to construct different things. Normally you find at internet what you looking information for, but sometimes it could be comfortable to have your own calculations that you can adapt for your own purpose. Here are my collection of Excel files, maybe parts of it can be interested for you too? It's my personal and could be difficult for others to use. But I have clean them up, translated them to English and given a short tutorial to each of them down here. I'm not sure if this is useful for others, but if you find it interesting, take a look.

Take a look behind the equations and learn how it's calculated and maybe find if I had done something wrong.

At bottom you can download the file which have all this equations under different maps at bottom of the Excel sheet.

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