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Astronomy Calculations:
Excel sheets

My Excel sheet collection.

This is a new page and I will add more information later how to use it.

I don't take any responsible for this, they can have errors in it! Use them at your own risk!

Astronomical Calculations


Data base:

After over and over again writing all data I needed for the calculations I got tired on it. I added three pages with data bases over my equipment and other items that I wanted to investigate.

There are three of them, Camera, Telescope and lens, and a Coma and Flat field corrector data base.

Telescope data base:

Telescope data base

Here are the telescopes and lenses I have done calculation on. You find this page at bottom of the Excel sheet. It's very easy to expand to more telescopes if you want, but let the first and last row always be untouched. The blue fields has equations, don't erase them. Lot of this data are calculated and not real but will not be far from correct and you can always overwrite it with your own data.

Camera data base:

Camera data base

Here is the camera data base. In all data bases, mark with one X in the first column which item you want to include in your calculations. Just one row with a X, erase earlier X! The x at the bottom row shall always be there!

Most of the data that I couldn't find at manufactures page are estimated or calculated. If you have better data you can overwrite it in the fields.

Field flattener and Coma corrector data base

Flat field and Coma corrector data base

Similar to the other data bases, but if you don't have any corrector, chose the first alternative with no corrector. What I miss here are the inlet and outlet lens diameters and distances of different correctors. The Riccardi 2.5" and the TS coma corrector I have it to.

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