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My Astrophotography
Open Clusters

Open Clusters you can observe visually with a binocular or if you want to take photos of them you can use camera lenses.

More to read about open clusters at Wikipedia:

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Open Clusters

Starcluster C1222 C263 2001    
Open Cluster M34 2023 Open Cluster M35, Sweden 2013 Constellation Capella
M34 M35
Shoe-Buckle Cluster
M36, M37, M38
in Capella
Open Cluster M37 2023 M39 Open Cluster 2016  M44 Open cluster
M37 M39 M44
M45 Open cluster M52 Open Cluster   
M45 M52
NGC 752 Open cluster NGC 1528, 2023
NGC 752 NGC 1528
NGC 2244 Open Cluster, Sweden 2021
NGC 2244
NGC 6811 Open Cluster NGC 6939, 2023 Sweden
NGC 6811 NGC 6939
Open Cluster Trumpler 37, 2016    
Trumpler 37    


If I had taken those photographs today (2022) I would use the following of my equipment.

Camera Lens / Telescope Reducer / Barlow Mount Comment
Canon 6D TS130, 910 mm x1 SkyWatcher EQ6
Canon 6D Pentax 300 mm x1 SkyWatcher HEQ5 Wide field
Canon 6D Sigma 150 mm x1 SkyWatcher Star Adventurer Wide field

There are a lot of open clusters to choose from.

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