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Observatories that I have visited:
NOT at La Palma

Observatory NOT, Nordic Optical Telescope

  1. Going to La Palma and NOT
  2. Our mission
  3. The telescope NOT
  4. The IR camera
  5. The road up to the telescopes
  6. Control room of NOT
  7. The clouds
  8. Other telescopes at La Palma
  9. The island La Palma
  10. The END

2: Our Mission

Our mission was to study dust around nearby stars. Dust that later will form planets according to the theory. The observations is done in IR (Infra Red) spectrum which gives better data for this kind of observations. Normal CCD sensors can't be used for these wavelengths. A very special camera was used that was built as a cooperation between the Swedish and French University.

Polaris above NOT

The telescope NOT with the North Star in the background. You see how the other stars circle around it because of Earth's rotation.

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