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Observatories that I have visited:
NOT at La Palma

Observatory NOT, Nordic Optical Telescope

  1. Going to La Palma and NOT
  2. Our mission
  3. The telescope NOT
  4. The IR camera
  5. The road up to the telescopes
  6. Control room of NOT
  7. The clouds
  8. Other telescopes at La Palma
  9. The island La Palma
  10. The END

8: Other telescopes at La Palma

Fast driving englishmen

Mount the caldera again with Italian telescope bottom right and and car passing by, you should not have the headlight on when driving the car here in the night.

Later there will an even bigger telescope, have a mirror of 10 meters.

English telescope and Sweden solartelescope

View to the English telescope with its 3.6 meter mirror, the tower is the German telescope, the tall tower behind is the Swedish Solar Telescope. The solar telescope was upgraded later from a 0.5-meter mirror to a 1 meter, it's a singlet which is fine when you only observe a very narrow pass band.

The last telescope belonged to England too. The Englishmen lived dangerously, each afternoon they came up in a motor caravan to the telescopes from Santa Cruz were they lived, for some strange reason they didn't stay at the hotel up here. In the morning, it was if possible even more faster driving down again to Santa Cruz. It was important to stay away!

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