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Observatories that I have visited:
NOT at La Palma

Observatory NOT, Nordic Optical Telescope

  1. Going to La Palma and NOT
  2. Our mission
  3. The telescope NOT
  4. The IR camera
  5. The road up to the telescopes
  6. Control room of NOT
  7. The clouds
  8. Other telescopes at La Palma
  9. The island La Palma
  10. The END

9: The island La Palma

Burned out by fire

A year earlier, a large fire ravaged on the mountain and the telescopes were in danger, now it went well without any telescope was destroyed and we can study the burnt remains of vegetation.

Black beach

The black beach, you couldn't stand on the black sand, if, it would have burned your feet.

Relax in town

One day we went by car down to Santa Cruz for a dinner, now in daytime it wasn't any clouds! Normally we slept all the day to be alert at night.

Columbus celebrating?

A coffee break in Santa Cruz before returning to the telescopes. I think they celebrate Columbus here, a statue of his ship Santa Maria are out to the right of the photo.

Beach restaurant

The bad night weather we had with clouds meant that we were pretty rested during the day and could go down briefly to the beach for a meal. Here the southern part of the island. Here had a volcanic eruption occurred as late as the 1960s, and the sand was quite black. Despite the appearance of these sheds it was a wonderful fish restaurant.

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