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My astronomy project:
Building a battery box and an astro server


  1. Astroserver and powerbox, ver 1.0
    1. Introduction to battery box and astroserver
    2. Fuse box and fuses
    3. Box and charging
    4. Overview computer and accessories
    5. USB 5 volt external power
    6. Motor focus power
    7. Get rid of messy cables
    8. Cleaning up installation
    9. First outdoor test
    10. Replacing USB-Hub
    11. USB-Hub and focus driver holder
  2. Astroserver and powerbox, ver 2.0
  3. Balcony outdoor outlets
  4. Lithium Battery power

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Page I.10: Replacing USB-Hub

One problem that I have had is that the USB-Hub is a little bit to big, it's barely that I can close the telescope box. And I can't place it close to the devices it connects to so I have to have longer cables than necessary.

I have now find this little used device.

Deltaco UH-410 USB-Hub

It's the one to the left, a Deltaco UH-410 micro hub. That small devices normally don't have an external power inlet, this one had but no power adapter come with it. And anyway I don't have any use of a 230 volt adapter, I need a 12 volt to 5 volt adapter. I already have one, it's just that the connector was of the wrong size. I just soldered an extra connector to it with correct size.

I also tried to have it without the external power, but then as I already have experience from the data communication will fail.

USB-Hub at telescope

Here the hub is mounted on the telescope with the USB cables connected. Much better, just have too test that it works also in the cold.

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