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My astronomy project:
Kstars and Indi used in an astroserver


  1. Change from Windows to a Linux astroserver
  2. Collecting information and demands on the astroserver
  3. Installation of Ubuntu Mate, setup WIFI
  4. Installation of vino VNC, setup screen
  5. Installation of Kstars on Raspberry (Old, don't use this instruction !)
  6. Test of controlling the Canon camera in Kstars/Ekos (Old, don't use this instruction !)
  7. Test of controlling the mount with INDI EQMod in Kstars/Ekos (Old, don't use this instruction !)

I take no responsibility for what are written here, you use the information at your own risk!

1, Change from Windows to a Linux astroserver:

This is very old today, look at the latest Raspberry Pi5 with 64-bit OS: Raspberry Pi5 setup.

You maybe have already read about my astroserver project based on a miniPC with Windows operation system:

Windows based astroserver

Nothing wrong with this Windows server, works very well for me. So why change anything?

When looking around on the internet and see what others are doing I have noticed all those small servers that run Indi drivers and controlled by Kstars. They are based on Linux operation system and don't need much capacity from the computer and all software looks to be open source projects. With low demand on the computer you can use a simpler computer, smaller, lower current from battery and cheaper. Most common looks to be Raspberry one card computers:

Raspberry Wiki

You don't have to by an expensive Windows op-system with a Linux solution. It could be important because you maybe divide the system on many small computers.

Update 1:
I have now started my second project with a Raspberry Pi4 based astroserver: Astroberry astroserver

Update 2:
I have now started my third project with a Raspberry Pi5 based astroserver. It looks that I have to go back to how I did for the Pi3 setup. Astroberry isn't updated for Pi5 yet, maybe the end of 2024.

Instructions for 64-bit OS: AstroSoftBuild scripts to easy build INDI and KStars

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