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HEQ5 as portable mount


  1. Introduction
  2. EQDIRECT from D-sub to RJ45
  3. Power terminal of HEQ5 changed
  4. Installing the 300 mm lens on HEQ5
  5. Rewiring the electric cables
  6. Connecting the Raspberry
  7. Setup GPSD
  8. Setup GPS NMEA
  9. Power consumption
  10. Battery power cables
  11. Tweaking auto guiding parameters
  12. Rowan Belt Modification Kit
  13. Making the tripod to a low rider
  14. Redesign of mount head details
  15. Raspberry Pi4 bracket
  16. Brackets: temperature sensor, spirit level and stepper motor
  17. Transport box
  18. EQDirect cable
  19. Brackets reinforced and adapt it to EQ6
  20. Cut the length of the GPS cable
  21. HEQ5 and TS130 refractor ?
  22. To be continued

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  1. HEQ5 as portable mount
  2. Pentax 645 300 mm ED IF f/4 lens
  3. KStars / EKOS and Raspberry Pi4

I take no responsibility or liability for what are written here, you use the information on your own risk!

3: Power terminal of HEQ5 changed

The power terminal of the HEQ5 mount is as bad as it's on the EQ6 mount. It can very easily drop out of its socket, then the mount loses its power and you have to calibrate the position again. And that when you are ready to a start batch of photographing sequences in one of the few clear sky you get.

Power terminal of HEQ5 changed

The power connector and the two screws that hold the lid. The lid is made of plastic.

Power terminal of HEQ5 changed

Open it up and localize the power terminals points on the circuit board. My plan is to solder cables here and have an external cable with a contact with a lock.

Power terminal of HEQ5 changed

The polarity must be correct, if not the mount is gone! On this terminal the tip is the positive, 12 Volt. To the right is the red power indicator.

Power terminal of HEQ5 changed

Use a multi instrument to check where it's connected.

Power terminal of HEQ5 changed

Solder two new cable of area 0.65 mm2. Made a knot on the cable to lock it in position.

Power terminal of HEQ5 changed

Drilled a hole in the chassi to let the cable out, placed a rubber ring to save the cable from wear.

Power terminal of HEQ5 changed

Twin the cable and crimp / solder two male connectors.

Power terminal of HEQ5 changed

Install the cable pin connecter in its house with its lock mechanism. Now it's ready for use and I can still use the old power terminal.

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