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HEQ5 as portable mount


  1. Introduction
  2. EQDIRECT from D-sub to RJ45
  3. Power terminal of HEQ5 changed
  4. Installing the 300 mm lens on HEQ5
  5. Rewiring the electric cables
  6. Connecting the Raspberry
  7. Setup GPSD
  8. Setup GPS NMEA
  9. Power consumption
  10. Battery power cables
  11. Tweaking auto guiding parameters
  12. Rowan Belt Modification Kit
  13. Making the tripod to a low rider
  14. Redesign of mount head details
  15. Raspberry Pi4 bracket
  16. Brackets: temperature sensor, spirit level and stepper motor
  17. Transport box
  18. EQDirect cable
  19. Brackets reinforced and adapt it to EQ6
  20. Cut the length of the GPS cable
  21. HEQ5 and TS130 refractor ?
  22. To be continued

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I take no responsibility or liability for what are written here, you use the information on your own risk!

12: Rowan Belt Modification Kit

My earlier Sky Watcher EQ6 mount I rebuilt the spur gears to a timing belt drive. When I bought this used Sky Watcher HEQ5 mount it was already upgraded with a Rowan Belt drive, I saved a lot of hours on that. Now I have used the HEQ5 mount one season and I thought it could be good to have a look inside and see what's there, maybe I have to adjust the timing belt tension.

Timing belt drive:

HEQ5 and Raspberry: Rowan Belt Modification Kit

The design of the HEQ5 differ from the EG6. I think the HEQ5 is a more modern construction. To get inside the gearbox there is a lid that can be open. Behind this lid there is a distance plate, maybe included in the Belt drive kit because the timing belt occupies more space.

HEQ5 and Raspberry: Rowan Belt Modification Kit

The lid is made of plastic and six screws hold it in place.

HEQ5 and Raspberry: Rowan Belt Modification Kit

After I have removed the lid this appear. What a difference compare to the EQ6 mount, here it's direct access to the gearbox, in the EQ6 it was placed under the stepper motors and very complicated to reach. It give a very high quality look. I checked the timing belt tension and it felt okay, the earlier owner did a good job when he installed it.

HEQ5 and Raspberry: Rowan Belt Modification Kit

This is the old spur gear that the timing belt drive replace.

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